New Super Groupies Collaboration – Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

This year also marks the 20th anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh! so you can imagine how happy I am to see new merchandise, a new movie, cafe, etc popping up this year. The newest one is a new collaboration with Super Groupies and I am in love! Super Groupies isn’t cheap but their products are always extremely cute and high quality. Pre-orders are available at JapanStuffs and the items are set to release in Mid-October.


The three items in this collection feature the Millennium Puzzle necklace, the Millennium Ring necklace, and Sakaki’s pendant.



Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle necklace comes with a 40 cm silver chain attached to a small gold colored Millennium Puzzle. The puzzle itself measures about 1 cm x 1 cm. Retail price is ‎¥14,800 (excluding tax).



Bakura’s Millennium Ring comes in the form of earrings and are available in both clip on and pierced versions. The ring measures approximately 3 cm x 2 cm. Retail price is ‎¥‎4,800 (excluding tax).



Sakaki’s pendant comes with a 40 cm silver chain as well. The pendant measurse approx. 2.2 cm x 0.7 cm. Retail price is ‎¥‎6,800 (excluding tax).

Overall, I think the collection is absolutely beautiful. I really wish the Millennium Ring came in necklace form instead of earrings, but that won’t stop me from buying it 🙂

New Pokemon Center Release Announcements + Other New Pokemon Releases for September

I’m always behind on blogging, someone give me more hours in the day please. I still have a bunch of new release photos lying around that I never have time for posting x_x

There’s a bunch of new Pokemon themed goodies coming in September!

First are 4 new Pokemon plushes! Following the Halloween release on September 3, these 4 plushes are all ghost type Pokemon and will release on September 17. You can pre-order them at JapanStuffs. Choose from Banette, Drifloon, Litwick, & Chandelur.


The official image for the October Pikachu pair is also now available. Pre-orders are available here.


A new collaboration will also be available for pre-order in September, set for a mid-December or mid-February release. These bracelets are done in collaboration with Los Angeles business CHAN LUU and feature 4 different Pokemon! As cute as they are, they definitely don’t come at a cheap price but they would make a great Christmas present. Pre-orders are available here. The bracelets need to be pre-ordered by the end of September for the mid-December release. With EMS shipping, there is a possibility they will make it by Christmas depending on when exactly a “mid-December” release is.


New card sleeves are also coming out on September 16! Pre-orders are available here, each pack comes with 32 sleeves.


And finally, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, there is a new art book releasing featuring interviews, TCG illustrations, a Pikachu card gallery, a collectible Charizard EX promo card, and more. The Pokemon Center edition also includes exclusive card sleeves (62 pack). Pre-orders are available here. Release date is September 16.


New Pokemon Sun & Moon Kuji – December Release

There will be a new Pokemon Kuji releasing early December, featuring items from the new game Pokemon Sun & Moon! Images coming soon once released.

Prize list includes:

  • A Prize – Pikachu Plush (Hero Version)
  • B Prize – Rowlet Plush Cushion
  • C Prize – Litten Plush Cushion
  • D Prize – Popplio Plush Cushion
  • E Prize – Towel Collection
  • F Prize – Various Pikachu Mascot Plushes
  • G Prize – Acrylic Charms
  • H Prize – Clear Files
  • Last One Prize – Pikachu Plush (Heroine Version)


New Pokemon Center Release Announcements – Halloween 2016 Collection, Pokemon Petit Pastel, POKEMON with YOU Charms

Some new September releases were announced on the Pokemon Center website today! These all release Saturday, September 3.

First up is the long awaited Halloween 2016 collection! This year has a circus theme, how fun is that? Pre-orders are available at JapanStuffs. Be sure to snag one quickly as the Halloween collection tends to sell quickly.


  • Pikachu Pumpkin Candy Mug (not pictured)
  • Pikachu & Eevee Plushes
  • Mascot Plushes: Pikachu, Espeon, Umbreon, Drifloon, Plusle, Minun, Eevee
  • Charm Sets: Pikachu Set & Eevee Set
  • Pokemon Halloween Circus Logo Pin


  • Hand towel
  • Drawstring Bag
  • A4 3 Pocket Clear File
  • Stickers
  • T-shirt (S/M/L)
  • Pumpkin Pikachu Hat
  • Pumpkin Pikachu Purse
  • Pumpkin Pikachu Socks
  • Pumpkin Pikachu Pass Case
  • Earrings
  • Rubber Strap Collection (Blind Packed)

Next up is a new Pokemon Petit Pastel collection with 5 new mascot plushes. Choose from Ampharos, Gengar, Raichu, Cyndaquil, and Mudkip. Pre-orders are available here.


And last is a new POKEMON with YOU charm collection. You can pre-order these here.


Banpresto UFO catcher releases August 20-28

All the new Banpresto UFO catcher goodies releasing from August 20-28!


  • Idolish 7 Can Badges (Valentine & White Day) (7 cm)
  • Idolish 7 Can Badges (Chara Community Square Limited) (7 cm)
  • Ultraman & Ultraman Orb Plushes (26 cm)
  • Ensemble Stars! Acrylic Pass Cases (13 x 10 cm)
  • Natsume’s Book of Friends Face Plush (36 cm)
  • Star Wars World Collectible Figures PREMIUM-CHEWBACCA- (13 cm)
  • Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Akagi Miria Figure (15 cm)
  • Nisio Isin Animation Project Desk Calendar (16 x 12 cm)
  • Nisio Isin Animation Project Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade Figure (18 cm)


  • Youkai Watch Huge Face Pouches (20 cm)
  • Pikkoro’s Holiday Pouches (17 cm)
  • Pikkoro’s Holiday Mascot Plushes (9 cm)
  • School Idol Project Mascot Plushes (15 cm)
  • Neko Atsume Plushes (9 cm)
  • Finding Dory World Collectible Figures vol.1 (5 cm)
  • Finding Dory MEGA World Collectible Figure (11 cm)
  • Youkai Watch Plushes (24 cm)
  • Civil War / Captain America World Collectible Figure PREMIUM-CAPTAIN AMERICA- (12 cm)


  • Civil War / Captain America World Collectible Figure PREMIUM-IRON MAN- (12 cm)
  • Dragonball Z Korin Figures (12 cm)
  • Dragonball Z Mini Teapot (8 cm)
  • Digimon Large Mascot Plushes (12 cm)
  • Haikyuu Mascot Plushes (15 cm)
  • Pikachu Mania! Mascot Plushes (9 cm)
  • Pikachu Mania! Plush (24 cm)
  • KanColle Shimakaze Figure (15 cm)
  • Idolish 7 Bath Towel (120 x 60 cm)


  • Idol Master Side M Can Badges vol. 2 (7 cm)
  • Idol Master Side M Can Badges vol. 1 (7 cm)
  • Sound Horizon × KADOKAWA Vanishing Starlight & Nein ~ 9th Story ~ Plate Keychains (8 cm)
  • Kuroko’s Basketball ~ NEW STYLE 2016 ~ Clear Cases 2nd Collection B-Side (23 x 31 cm)
  • Kuroko’s Basketball ~ NEW STYLE 2016 ~ Clear Cases 2nd Collection A-Side (23 x 31 cm)

Banpresto UFO catcher releases August 9-11

All the new Banpresto UFO catcher goodies releasing from August 9-11!


  • Madoka Magica Large Fans (60 cm)
  • One Piece Eco Bags ~ ONE PIECE FILM GOLD ~ (53 x 42 cm)
  • One Piece Fans ~ ONE PIECE FILM GOLD ~ (38 cm)
  • Twin Star Exorcists Can Badges (7 cm)
  • Acrylic Keychains (9 cm)
  • Dragon Ball Capsule Corp Capsules (9 cm)
  • Idolish 7 Flip Cases (14 cm)


  • Ensemble Stars! Acrylic Keychains vol.1 (9 cm)
  • Finding Dory Plush Keychains (10 cm)
  • School Idol Project Plush Keychains (15 cm)
  • Youkai Watch Plushes (11 cm)
  • Star Wars World Collectable Figures vol.4 (7 cm)
  • Macross Delta Mirage Farina Jenius Figure (18 cm)
  • One Piece World Collectable Figures -ONE PIECE FILM GOLD-vol.4 (7 cm)


  • Pokemon XY&Z Plushes (Venusaur, Charizard, & Blastoise) (12 cm)
  • Neko Atsume Face Cushion/Plushes (38 cm)
  • Pokemon XY&Z Charizard Plush (26 cm)
  • Lupin the III GROOVY BABY SHOT II (25 cm)
  • Gintama “Sakata Gintoki” Figure (16 cm)
  • One Piece Barrel Mugs (11 cm)
  • Disney Characters World Collectible Figures Story.01 “Alice in Wonderland” (7 cm)
  • Disney Characters MEGA World Collectible Figures Story.01 “Alice in Wonderland” (9 cm)
  • Star Wars The Force Awakens World Collectible Figures PREMIUM-BB-8- (7 cm)
  • Tokyo 7th Sisters Pass Case (13 cm) (not pictured)
  • Osomatsu-san Mascot Plushes (15 cm) (not pictured)

Banpresto UFO catcher releases August 3-6

All the new Banpresto UFO catcher goodies releasing from August 3-6! This week has a massive release list so it will be split.


  • Neko Atsume Charm Plushes
  • KanColle Ceylon Tea Party Figures (15cm)
  • Idolish 7 Bath Towels (120 x 60  cm)
  • Finding Dory Charm Plushes (10 cm)
  • Macross Delta Pillow Cases ~Valkyrie ver.~ (90 x 65 cm)
  • Kingdom CREATOR × CREATOR-SHIN- Figure (13 cm)
  • Kamisama Minarai: Himitsu no Cocotama Charm Plushes (10 cm)
  • Rudolf and Ippaiattena Plushes (13 cm)
  • Little Forest Fellow Charm Plushes (9 cm)


  • Pokemon XY&Z Relaxation Plushes – Vaporeon, Jolteon, & Flareon (13 cm)
  • Pokemon XY&Z Relaxation Plushes – Eevee, Glaceon, Leafeon (13 cm)
  • Lupin the Third World Collectible Figures I (7 cm)
  • One Piece Chopper Charm Plushes (10 cm)
  • One Piece World Collectible Figures -ONE PIECE FILM GOLD-vol.3 (7 cm)
  • Dragon Ball Ultra -World Collectible Figure ~ PRINCE VEGETA ~ Figure (6 cm)
  • Youkai Watch Komasan Plush (37 cm)
  • Maho Girls PreCure! Mofurun Plush (30 cm)
  • Rudolf and Ippaiattena Plush (23 cm)


  • Little Forest Fellow Plushes (28 cm)
  • One Piece Large Chopper Plush ~ ONE PIECE FILM GOLD ~ vol.2 (27 cm)
  • One Piece DXF ~ THE GRANDLINE MEN ~ ONE PIECE FILM GOLD vol.4 Figure (16 cm)
  • One Piece DXF ~ THE GRANDLINE MEN ~ ONE PIECE FILM GOLD vol.3 Figure (16 cm)
  • Dragon Ball Z Resolution of Soldiers vol.2 Vegeta Figures (17 cm)
  • Kingdom World Collectible Figures vol.2 (7 cm)
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Umaibo
  • Ensemble Stars! Can Badges ~ Encore ~ (5 cm)
  • Tales of Series Character Tags (15 cm)