Kirby Cafe Tokyo!

The Kirby Cafe opened on August 26 in Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi! This has to be the busiest/most popular cafe I’ve been to and it’s easy to see why @_@ The Kirby Shop featured merchandise such as a Kirby pouch, tote bags, magnets, acrylic charms, mugs/cups, phone cases, plushes, clear files, a cd, and more. The restaurant featured Kirby themed menu items such as rice, pasta, pizza, pancakes, cupcakes, cappuccinos, and more.

I went originally on opening day and arrived just a bit after 7 am. Even with the cafe and shop opening at 10 am, all of the distribution tickets were completely handed out before 7 am :/ Quite a few people camped out overnight with the rest arriving as early as 4-5 AM. The second visit I succeeded in visiting the shop once it was open to the general public and the third attempt, I was finally able to enter the cafe.


The Kirby Cafe and shop are located on the 4th floor of Solamachi. I arrived around 9 AM and was given a ticket for the cafe for……8 PM x_x



The inside of the cafe is decorated with cute Kirby and friends images and it felt very cozy. With the music and atmosphere, I didn’t want to leave.


I ordered 4 things from the menu, one being this adorable cappuccino (¥650). To be honest, I hate coffee XD but everything else with a Kirby decoration was sold out and it was just so cute, I couldn’t pass it up. I loaded it up with sugar and it actually wasn’t half bad. I’m sure coffee/cappuccino lovers would appreciate it much more 🙂


I ordered the Maxim Tomato pasta for my main course (¥1480). It was fairly good, but I’ve had better pasta in terms of theme cafe foods ;_; Overall, I don’t regret ordering it.



For dessert, I opted for the Star Rod Cupcake (¥580) and yes, it was as good as it looks ^^


And for my drink, I chose the sparkling cocktail (¥750) , which was really delicious!

I really wish I could have had the Kirby pancakes or macaroon but that’s what I get for oversleeping XD The Kirby Cafe was definitely really adorable and worth the visit but I wish the shop situation could have been handled better, especially in terms of stock for items. Even with restocks, super popular items would sell out by early afternoon. Meaning, if you didn’t make it to the wait line by 7-8 AM, you’re pretty much SOL.

Lesson of the day, if you’re looking to visit limited time theme cafes…arrive early, bring a DS or book, and prepare for wait times..but it’ll be worth it 🙂